Who is Shaneen Clarke   


People all over the world have a simple but profound goal: to live a life of purpose. But finding that purpose - understanding how to ignite one’s imagination,
to encourage oneself to dream big, to explore new ways to make a difference,
can be a real challenge.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked and lose focus, wasting valuable time, energy and resources. But the struggle to create meaning in what might feel like a meaningless existence can also make it easy to lose the joy of everyday life.

Shaneen Clarke understands the battle to find purpose and she is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential. From her books, such as ‘Dare to Be Great,’ to her many speaking engagements, she has spent years helping others go deep within to find and release their core passion.

But here’s what is so powerful about Shaneen - she does it all with a profound sense of fun! This girl will make you laugh.

She will remind you that a purposeful life does not need
to be, and should not be defined by striving, but by the
freedom that comes with knowing who you are and
what you were made to do.

Shaneen is a woman on a mission to release women and men from the fear of failure. Her life’s passion is to remind us that our purpose can be great, whatever it is, as long as we embrace it as a gift and use it with love.

"What you Confront will die
What you tolerate will dominate".



         Shaneen Clarke believes in equipping women and men to live out
         their best life. To be empowered by the truth of who they are -
         deep down inside, to remain relevant in their world and to find
         effective ways to make a difference. 

"Excellence is not being perfect, it’s embracing
          who God made you to be and making the
          very most of it - everyday".

:Men and Women who
  • Want to be empowered by more of the Holy Spirit, who are not afraid to believe in miracles and the awesome transformation that comes from living in Christ
  • Want to discover more of who they are while learning to better love and appreciate ​who God has made them to be.
  • Want to be relevant in both their ministry and marketplace - keeping it real
  • Want to unlock their own 'story' and help release others into a space of freedom by real life testiomonies.